@stoIethestars aiden stays winning! and its bc i had a crush on cloud when i was 12 after playing kh1 and saw the advent children dvd in my local video store for rent so i got it and had No idea wtf was going on

Cowes AU - #clouds at 1 still image each 20 seconds converted to 10 fps #timelapse video from my #RPi3A+camV2 near maps.google.com/maps?q=-38.459… see sites.google.com/site/johnpidat… No audio, just sing - Bows & Flows of Angel Hair ..... pic.twitter.com/Y93mOz3xBs

@jacoboalonsore1 @jecscobar @MeriStation Hay gente que ya lo hace, el tema es que al retransmitir el video a la TV suma algo de lag, pero hasta que no lo saquen en TV oficialmente pues creo que es una buena solución. Buscalo como Xbox Cloud Gaming e informate 😉

Primary reunites with ChoA in teaser for upcoming collaboration single 'Cloud' allkpop.com/video/2020/09/…

A lot can happen in six months.. Bailey is now over 100 pounds and still a floofy cloud 💛 @dog_rates pic.twitter.com/l9KqOA6cx8

FINISHED MY CLOUD LANTERN! Going to make a bunch more of these for the house! 😀 pic.twitter.com/f51OclKszi